Official Announcement of the AWSA

We would like to announce the AWSA - American Water Sports Association. AWSA was founded in 2016 and will be a sanctioning organization for the water sports industry. We are making major advancements in this industry and are ever-growing and evolving with the goal to deliver high quality race events. We will offer memberships to all water sports enthusiasts. AWSA will be the sanctioning body for the 2019 Jet Jam Racing Series and our first event will be at the Nautical Inn in Lake Havasu City, AZ. For schedule and all class lists please visit the websites at and

Rules will be posted on the site on Tuesday, November 13, 2018.

It is important that you understand that this will be a transition year and we are here to help you with any and all questions that may arise.

Members will receive a photo ID membership card, a t-shirt, and two AWSA logo stickers. We will have staff members available to talk to about getting started, equipment, skis, races, rules, and/or classes. Promoters will receive numerous benefits from joining our organization. They will receive affordable insurance, assistance with scoring setup, class list definitions, rules, venues, staffing if needed and help with sponsors. Promoters will also have an AWSA staff member on call to answer questions.

AWSA will consist of a Staff Advisory Committee as well as a Rider Advisory Committee. The Rider Advisory Committee has been designated for the first year and will be voted in by their peers for every year thereafter. We all believe in providing fun, safe, fair and competitive racing environment to the water sports industry. Our vision is to grow this sport to what it once was and beyond.

Click the photo below or here to watch the full release video produced by Westside Media.

We look forward to serving the water sports industry from this day forward and please watch for more events to come in Washington and Idaho.

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